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pasture at dawn

before dawn, fog is chill

cold-marinating the skin

nibbling through flesh

penetrating to marrow

through bones no longer

strong to frame the cow

exhausted by labor


breech, the calf, half-emerged

cannot see, can barely hear

the howls of coyotes gathered

yapping, pacing, watching

closing near

then slinking from

frantic mother-not yet mother


she’s fought through the night

the cold

the malice

but now she groans

and sinks

to wobbling knees


a single daffodil

stands helpless guard


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stone moon

seven october of the fourteenth year

into the twenty-first century

moon full

of cheese

and self

brilliantly shimmering earth

in reflected light

unreflective of its own veiling

fate soon to befall


eight october, earth’s midnight

though irrelevant to the stars

alerts men to the need to watch

the hour is come

signifying passing

of celestial ships in the night

predictable, calculated

yet dogs whimper

coyotes, jaws red, pause, uneasy


moonlight dwindles

through phases of the month

in hours, moon eclipses

from full to brilliant sliver

face biege, then tan

darkening to faint earthy brown

tinged ruddy like mississippi mud

lithified by eons without water

stone moon eerie in wisp-clouded sky

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I want to be heard

If i could live compassion, i wouldn’t need to talk about it. But that is beyond me. Yet the answer to so much hurt and pain and unfairness is often so very simple in concept. Thoughtfulness, gentleness, being aware of the feelings of the other, be careful in speech and constructive in communication, being respectful simply because that person is a human being, being aware of the value simply because of humanity and life–all of that.


if only

So many of us want to help, if it isn’t too costly to ourselves. Okay, so weigh the cost. If helping or protecting or making something work for someone else costs me a dime but gives her or him a quarter’s worth of value, why wouldn’t i?

If i fear there won’t be enough left over if i share for me to have what i want, am i being realistic? Is that a danger? Am i wanting more than i need?


Learning from Lorelle