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dark poet who loves to laugh

gold leaf

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oak prodded brilliant

by naughty morning sun

frenzied in november gusts

skitters aureate flakes

o’er green grass

to tangle amid stark brown stalks

of queen anne’s lace


wind-whipped, ecstatic in yellow joy

oak sees me watching

she shimmers, pausing

as though finally grasping

how many of her leaves

she has scattered underfoot in her

passionate autumn orgy


stripped, near-naked limbs curl close

conspiratorial morning sun

blushes behind a cloud

bare-branched, oak cringes until

randy wind gusts frolic

the golden celebration

into the face of her accuser

mjNordgren 11/19/14  FG


Author: mjnordgren

I am creating a series of novels set in rural southwest Missouri in 1940

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