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ripples of hope

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ripples of hope

with thanks to Robert F. Kennedy


settling atop columbia’s agitation

at the mouth of the river

buffeted by conflicting chop

of wind and current

buller’s shearwaters

in jagged line disappear

and reappear to each other

carried up and down in dizzying

fray of elements too powerful

to be else but borne


settling atop each state’s agitation

in the maw of federal legislation

buffeted by conflicting blows

of hot air and posing

bullied mere waiters

for justice line untouching

but not untouched by others

carted down and down in dizzied

fray of greed too powerful

to be overcome





sinking then in stagnant pool

of believed inevitability

good common men flail

give out, give in after years

treading toxic water to save

their loves from drowning

yet may a gesture, a helping

hand or program of insight

give hope and renewed strength

rippling out to touch and heal


Author: mjnordgren

I am creating a series of novels set in rural southwest Missouri in 1940

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