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CALL for Submissions

Call for Submissions:

Mary Jane Nordgren of TAWK Press will produce the

A Second SEEDS OF… Anthology of Pacific NW Writers


WANTED – poems (up to 52 lines)

short stories, creative non-fiction, essays (up to 1200 words)

brief plays (up to seven pages in script form)



Palatino or Times New Roman  12

Deadline – Friday, Feb. 27, 2015

$5 fee per submission – Send check plus with hard copy of submission to

M.J. Nordgren, 47777 SW Ihrig Road, Forest Grove, OR 97117-7327


e-mail copy to mjnordgren@clear.net

You will be notified by the end of March if your submission is accepted


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kin to earth

when the very minerals

that make up rock

strengthen my bones

and give me form

kin to sky

when the oxygen

i breathe

is carried on its

tidal ocean

kin to plant

when we exchange

exhaled oxygen and carbon dioxide

to sustain each other’s

life–however brief

kin to beast

when instinct bids me

protect my young ones

shelter, nourish and nurture

though, i, too, lack insight

to understand why

mjNordgren 2/14  N

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blue jets


above the thunder

three hundred miles above the speed of sound

a mere single second in the stratosphere

above the thunderheads

lightning that spreads upwards

thirty miles into stratosphere


blue as it elementalizes nitrogen

or gigantic jets

striking upward sixty miles

almost beyond our earth’s vital cushion

changing color as it approaches red edge

of stricken nitrogen

how little of what is

do we see or know

where we huddle below