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CALL for Submissions


Call for Submissions:

Mary Jane Nordgren of TAWK Press will produce the

A Second SEEDS OF… Anthology of Pacific NW Writers


WANTED – poems (up to 52 lines)

short stories, creative non-fiction, essays (up to 1200 words)

brief plays (up to seven pages in script form)



Palatino or Times New Roman  12

Deadline – Friday, Feb. 27, 2015

$5 fee per submission – Send check plus with hard copy of submission to

M.J. Nordgren, 47777 SW Ihrig Road, Forest Grove, OR 97117-7327


e-mail copy to mjnordgren@clear.net

You will be notified by the end of March if your submission is accepted


Author: mjnordgren

I am creating a series of novels set in rural southwest Missouri in 1940

3 thoughts on “CALL for Submissions

  1. would you clarify that the short stories need to be less thatn 1200? Mine is 1421. I’ll see what I can cut….. hmmm. Thanks MJ


  2. What should the margins be set for?


  3. the margins are not a problem as i need to set them for the book template. 1200 is approximate, but well edited stories are appreciated. All the best, Tiersa mj


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