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TRAVIS: Gonna show him the star, Tadpole?
HICCUP (chuckling): Tadpole?
TRAVIS:  Yeah. That’s his real name.
TODD: That’s my nickname, Dopey.
HICCUP: What star?
TRAVIS: The soup makes a star when they’s tomatoes in there. And Ma makes us butter worms, too.
HICCUP: You eat ’em?
Rather than try to explain, Todd motions for the boys to climb up to look into the kettle he is stirring. As the soup simmers and bubbles in toward the center, the tomato foam creates a writhing star in the center. Travis jumps down and runs to glom soft butter onto one soda cracker and then cover it with another and squeeze down so yellow ‘worms’ ooze out the tiny holes. The brothers laugh as Hiccup tries to do it, too.


Author: mjnordgren

I am creating a series of novels set in rural southwest Missouri in 1940

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