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One of the more behaviorally challenged students in our “Frog and Toad” class was coloring a picture of Frog and Toad flying a kite, and drew a heart over the two of them.
Me: Oh, is that a heart?
Him: Yep.
Me: Because they’re best friends?
Him: Yep.
Me: That’s great! Do you have a best friend?
Him: Yeah.
Me: What’s something you like to do with your best friend?
Him: Listen to them.
Me: Oh… do they tell a lot of stories?
Him: Yeah.
(brief pause)
Him: And give instructions.
(longer pause)
Him: Because they are a teacher, like you.
(very long pause)
Him: It’s you.


Author: mjnordgren

as a retired physician, i have needed to talk with many persons about end of life. And then I cared for my husband for more than five years.

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