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What if?

Writers in the Grove bacon-loving Bill Stafford has doodled all his life. A friend at work would pick up the tiny scraps of paper and, unbeknownst to him, gathered them into a photo album of clever, intricate and intriguing little sketches. How much fun would it be to create an anthology for a book entitled I’VE ALWAYS BEEN RICH: I’ve Just Never Had Much Money and use his sketches to decorate any number of pages? I know what one of my stories would be.


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dive, dive

arachnid, fine hairs

on legs and abdomen

glistening in the sun

pauses on a

horizontal reed

at pond’s edge

then dives in

anchoring near the bottom

to work, to spin

detaches, and ascends

breathing, fine hairs capturing

air bubbles, then dives

industrious, weaving silken

cocoon-like, translucent

submerged chamber

magical in its gill-like

ability to contain oxygen

and dispel carbon dioxide

so diving-bell spider

alone among arachnids

can live beneath the surface