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southern Nevada hills

neither bush nor blade on
layered silt stripes
of the long-ago inland sea bed
beige, blush rose, chalky white, raw umber
burnt ocher, ivory, quince, bleached sienna
tilted intact
upheaved to perpendicular
or left slanted hither and yon
as though flung aside
like the rumpled bedclothes
of an awakening giant


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oh, child

i know you believe
i know you feel you are right
and your protest will be heard
but you are young; you cannot know
you have not lived
nor done, struggled, fought
hopes, dreams, self
you have not yet failed
or been forced to compromise
to know you will never
be what you were sure you would become
you are young
you cannot know our fears…

oh, dear child, fear
don’t look at me that way
as though you do know fear
terror which I cannot imagine
staring at a gun
pointed at you
after mowing down your friend

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Not The Usual Post

Incredible to have such nurturing and insightful AND talented friends!

Schmidlin Angus Farm

For those of you who follow along with my farm life, you have seen stories of smooth workings and those bumps in the road over the seasons. I am honored to be able to share the stories of the barn work, the fields that produce our hay and grazing space, the births and sometimes deaths of our herd. I have shared freely the struggle of invasive species like Scotch Broom and Tansy along with the struggle to balance nature along with running a farm.

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light speed

light, hurrying along
across the universe
took years to reach
our telescope
arriving weak and faint
although purported to
be a full galaxy in itself
but i suppose going
that speed for twenty-three
million years could
tire just about anyone
mjNordgren 4/14/18
Great Basin National Park, NV

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first looking into the tide pool
in the rocks as the waves
rose and threatened
to drown it and me
i grabbed my braid to suck on
i was so astounded
at the treasure of rough
five-pointed stars and tiny
bi-valves, daddy called them
God’s critters needing
the sea, if not the pounding
“Must be a mighty Lord
to need and make
all of these,” i whispered
knowing not even
a bizillionth of it then