dark poet who loves to laugh

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ah, ego

young, slender, wide-eyed fly

overwhelmed by urges

inflates his ego,

pumps air to balloon his head

swelling and lengthening

tiny tubes which support his eyes

beyond sinus pressure headache

pumps and pumps

until his head is massive, translucent

and eyes are as far from each other

as his life is worth

to impress a mate

thus puffed up, the stalk-eyed fly


to confront another male

meeting head to head

to measure masculinity

by the width-span of their eyes

hot air results worthy of any politician

for the same prize:

the right to screw

his constituency

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firs and lone spruce chitter

over tidings spilled

by o’er-flying geese


sway to prattle-tattle

as curious breeze insinuates

among the branches


evergreens pining to hear

shiver in green scent

redolent with excitement


sigh, needled by tidbits

items too scant to satisfy

the itch for whole story


tale grows, stands disagree

branches frenzied in furious dispute

goaded by whiplash wind


gradually calmer cones prevail

‘we will leaf this,’ they bark

the grove quiets to murmurs

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the surer i am i am right
the more likely i am
to be making an ass
of myself

i know that
have proven it to myself
how many times
yet need again to call to apologize

implacable, growing hot between my long ears
should signal me that i’m at it again
but doesn’t always
and yet

how often and often
in the coolness of later
family and friends will smile – tolerantly
and tell me i speak fine bray

mjNordgren 2/3/15 N

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blue jets


above the thunder

three hundred miles above the speed of sound

a mere single second in the stratosphere

above the thunderheads

lightning that spreads upwards

thirty miles into stratosphere


blue as it elementalizes nitrogen

or gigantic jets

striking upward sixty miles

almost beyond our earth’s vital cushion

changing color as it approaches red edge

of stricken nitrogen

how little of what is

do we see or know

where we huddle below