MJ blathers

dark poet who loves to laugh

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of stubborn grass
at the push mower
wear out the mower
and save
for another day
their fellow
clumps of stubborn grass
far down
rutted lane


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war of reflected brilliance

super moon
in nearest
orbital position
seemingly contending
with blue-purple clouds
wisping in front
clotting to obliterate
it struggles with white-gold
sharpened edges
to emerge from banks
of gray-black
atmospheric conditions
now bursting forth
round, full, brilliant
to spotlight
our busy
jack frost

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sun drawing water

grandma told me
the slanted beams
were the sun
drawing water
diagonal shafts
of particle-laden light
filtered by clouds
partial bridges to the sky
and, for those carrying down
sleet, snow or rain
that were lost
before reaching earth
men have given names
named, or unnamed
bright ramps between
heaven and earth
that lift upward
my eyes and my
thirsty soul