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weary traveler

light, scurrying along eons
arrives at a focusing mirror
having taken light years
to reach us, weak and faint
although a full galaxy in itself
i suppose 23 million
could tire
just about anyone
Great Basin National Park night study 4/14/18


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is the absence of one thing
a something in itself?
is a shadow a reality?
it has consequences: cool respite
from the scorching of the sun
but is a shadow an entity?
does darkness have being
if the flame of a single candle
can be seen through it for miles?
is darkness a no-thing that
we fear it so?

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light speed

light, hurrying along
across the universe
took years to reach
our telescope
arriving weak and faint
although purported to
be a full galaxy in itself
but i suppose going
that speed for twenty-three
million years could
tire just about anyone
mjNordgren 4/14/18
Great Basin National Park, NV