MJ blathers

dark poet who loves to laugh

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in permanent press
causes panic
in space-time
may bring about
a star and plant


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March super moon

scuffling with dark clouds
March super moon chuckles
as he ducks behind
peers from among
emerges only to draw
blue haze coyly
across his blushing full face
his orange-gold tone
in complementary contrast
tiring, finally
of earthly games
though near
in oval orbit
glides forth
in clear, dark sky
brilliant, glistening
white now
proud, reflective
of the power
of the sun
a beacon and companion
of earth’s night

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northern lights swirling
dancing, shimmering
as curtains
raining light
green, mauve
pale yellow
i shiver in awe
and wish to see
before eyes dim
the southern
of magnetism
elemental particles
and mystery
of space and time
and physical
reality beyond
my imagining

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stone moon eclipse

seven october of the fourteenth year
into the twenty-first century
moon full
of cheese, and self
brilliantly shimmering earth
in doubly reflected light
unreflective of its own veiling
fate soon to befall

eight october, earth’s midnight
though irrelevant to the stars
alerts men to the need to watch
the hour is come
signifying passing
of celestial ships in the night
predictable; calculated
yet dogs whimper
coyotes, jaws red, pause, uneasy

moonlight dwindles in hours
through phases of the moon
from full to brilliant sliver
face tan, then beige
darkening to faint, earthy brown
tinged ruddy like mississippi mud
lithified by eons without water
stone moon eerie
in wisp-clouded sky