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I think I’ve found a title for the series of novels I’m creating in rural southwest Missouri in the 1940’s. I’m adding more detail and recipes to NANDRIA’S WAR. Jana Good has done a very helpful edit of FLOAT and I’ve started the 3rd novel, working title PAIRING. The fourth is working its way toward reality in my head. The characters are so alive for me, each with her or his own quirks and foibles, as varied as humans tend to be. Now if only the girl who couldn’t sell her mother Girl Scout Cookies would be able to sell an agent on all this… sigh


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Panic over Rumors [from Nandria’s World]

May 1940

Buzzing heads together in worry and the resulting anger, Boonetown’s folk clumped in fast-talking knots along the boardwalk and out onto the one paved street as far as the shack near the railroad crossing.
“Nazis are coming!” “Got all them poor boys trapped!” “At Cape Cod, isn’t it?” “Dun-somethin’, I think.” “Any word them comin’ inland from the coast yet?” “How could the Allied Commanders let them bring their Europe war over here to us?” “Again! Didn’t we lose enough in that Great War? And what did we get out of all that?””Nothing but misery, that’s for sure.” “We ain’t gonna get into this one, not if’n I hafta march on Washington my own self.”