MJ blathers

dark poet who loves to laugh

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wellspring of joy

to stay near
means discipline
i know what drives
me away
busy-ness, pique
envy, anger
i am required
to quiet my soul
‘be still and know’
that i am not god
i need to laugh
at my pretentious ego
to regain perspective
to reach out
in love


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war of reflected brilliance

super moon
in nearest
orbital position
seemingly contending
with blue-purple clouds
wisping in front
clotting to obliterate
it struggles with white-gold
sharpened edges
to emerge from banks
of gray-black
atmospheric conditions
now bursting forth
round, full, brilliant
to spotlight
our busy
jack frost

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northern lights swirling
dancing, shimmering
as curtains
raining light
green, mauve
pale yellow
i shiver in awe
and wish to see
before eyes dim
the southern
of magnetism
elemental particles
and mystery
of space and time
and physical
reality beyond
my imagining



gathering of writers
friends and fans
warm, receptive
and supportive
of those with
courage to read aloud
their own work
met with chuckles
nods, self-deprecating laughter
and solemn moments
of silent assent
joy of creativity
celebration earned
and shared
thank you,
Writers in the Grove