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others’ pain

i am appalled at times
at the indifference
to the pain of others

how one chides them
believing their own
choices engendered their guilt

or, worse, feel not at all
the anguish that spears me
from afar, even at a distance

judge them for lack of tending
to your needs, as though
their agony were nothing

mjN 1/24/18


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come, child

come, child

scamper ahead
to the stream edge
gape at hovering dragon-
flies, startle the stilted
ibis, fling a worn-
smooth pebble at trout
shadow, just see them

begin the process, learn
to marvel, grow
into appreciation that
leads you
to shelter and
protect, see Nature
come, child
be one of the whole

mjN 1/31/18 N

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wind telephone

[a Japanese man who lost family to the tsunami set a telephone booth in his garden. many use his ‘wind telephone’ to speak to loved ones lost]

I don’t know why I am living. I don’t know why I am the only one left.

I don’t know why I am living when all I have known and loved — all my family is swept away to sea. Why did I survive? Why am I the one to wake up each morning?

How do I promise you that even in my sadness, I am surviving — I think because it had fallen on me to continue the family, to find strength within me to carry on so that I can assure you we will be well; to let you know that you may rest now and let go of care for the family and find the loving peace your souls deserve.

Please hear me on the wind. Please know that our family will continue. Join the winds of Heaven, beloved ones. Let our family’s love sustain and keep you.

Ah, me! How can I do all this?
Oh, wind, whisper peace to me, I ask … I beg you

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