MJ blathers

dark poet who loves to laugh

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to care

when anguish is raw
rather than advice
assurance, or even answers
what your friend needs
may be a quiet


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forgive me

forgive myself as
so much less
than i once was
or than i believed i’d be
a form of arrogance
to think
i should be more
why me?
must learn to laugh
at myself
and snuggle
into the universe
giving where i can
forgiving when i fall short
accepting the enormity
of the gift of life

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excerpt from PAIRING

He did not hear the words, but he received the message. He sighed and looked back at the intricate nonsense of the cornice going nowhere. Growling deep in his gut and a hollow ache rising to his chest, he felt torn. The valid accusations of this woman he still loved. Or the well-being of the daughter he adored. He had wanted her to grow into the richness of this rural community his wife could not see. The eternal values of the earth and the courage of the people who depended on it. Without looking down, he picked up the dainty china cup and crushed it in his hands.

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she watched her husband shuffle
from one farm chore to the next
with no sign of emotion
neither smile nor frown
neither snarl nor laughter
nor complaint
at the death of their daughter
he’d withered like autumn leaves
cut off from what
had sustained them
in the spring
he neither stirred
nor blossomed