MJ blathers

dark poet who loves to laugh

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abyss in belief

deep sadness realizing

the gulf in trust

person to person

is growing slowly, imperceptibly

into an abyss

as foundation props

are hacked away

bit by bit

by bullies and best friends

carving their initials

without the encircling heart


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mother human

my kids have seen me
when even i know
i am acting like a fool
they’ve calmed me from fury
curled into my arms
when i’m overwhelmed
with grief
they’ve told me to rest
when i’m bleary-eyed
and cranky, frustrated
and fearful of losing
everything – yet again
and yet, they rain flowers –
rhodies, carnations, roses,
petunias red, purple, blue,
blush ivory, forgiving white –
upon me on a day which celebrates
what i know i have have come
close to failing to deserve
my kids have raised me well