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if it isn’t

could it be


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(with thanks to McClaren)

thin paper, bending
under the pros on one side
and cons on the other
her family torn
each sure he is right
sure she is wrong
or the other way around
she can't keep track
but none of that matters
only the sharp words
and turning of strong
backs on each other
she cringes, hearing
anger instead of love
accusations rather than support

quietly turning the paper from
one side to the other
trying with all that
is in her
to find a way for
all the family to win
to change the dynamic
from one and another
to one another

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the surer i am that i am right
the more likely i am
to be making an ass
of myself

i know that
have proven it to myself
how many times
yet need again to call to apologize

implacable, growing hot between my long ears
should signal me that i’m at it again
but doesn’t always
and yet

how often and often
in the coolness of later
family and friends will smile-tolerantly
and tell me i speak a fine bray