MJ blathers

dark poet who loves to laugh

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wellspring of joy

to stay near
means discipline
i know what drives
me away
busy-ness, pique
envy, anger
i am required
to quiet my soul
‘be still and know’
that i am not god
i need to laugh
at my pretentious ego
to regain perspective
to reach out
in love


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no option

i guess there is more than one
you could simply huddle
in a corner and mummify
crusted over
by your horror
at hearing the bones
shattering as you try
to move the victim
from danger
or you can gag
swallow hard
jut your jaw
and determine
to do what needs
to be done

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flowing around
or wearing down
or crashing through
as a constructed wall
of movement, of power
bent on destruction
fearsome in fury
healing in tranquility
still waters
yet, even then,
gnawing at its banks
unheedful of man
or his illusion
of control

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forgive me

forgive myself as
so much less
than i once was
or than i believed i’d be
a form of arrogance
to think
i should be more
why me?
must learn to laugh
at myself
and snuggle
into the universe
giving where i can
forgiving when i fall short
accepting the enormity
of the gift of life