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greater than our whole

tree falls, of course there is sound
what arrogance to even think
there would not be if
we were not around
the world is far
greater than our participation
with sense beyond our ken
or even our awareness


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water now with color
bright, penetrating white
crystal on crystal
intertwing, regulated clinging
dictated by structure
complicated by individuality
resulting in skim of white
edging a puddle
shimmering the back side of a leaf
disguising chaos and contamination
sparkling a fresh vista
simulating fairyland
shifting us toward hope
but holding us tied to reality
recieving us with thrall, and chill

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Writers in the Grove’s 2nd annual juried reading event will be held as part of Forest Grove United Methodist’s cultural series this year, Saturday morning, January 21, 10:30 to about noon. Family friendly and free. Some fantastic work to be read. Books by local authors for sale, plus CD’s by a magical flutist. Welcome!  17th and Cedar


starstuff and dust

snow flake, gentle drifting

large enough with accumulated experience

to know how to fall

with grace and awareness

of what surrounds us

if not of what we can do

if only with hope that what i can be –

unique, myself, unduplicated –

that mote or particle unlike any other

yet somehow akin –

how this individual can grow, can add, build

quietly give in a world of screamers of ‘me!’

to a culture of ‘take, before you get taken!’

how softly this bit of starstuff and dust

can reach to help, to learn

perhaps only to realize – finally – how gracefully

to fall again to ashes and dust

and thereby hearten a youth to see

death as part of life

and thus to live

in laughter and love