MJ blathers

dark poet who loves to laugh

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if a given road
goes by two names
one with adorn
the local signs
the other
will be on the GPS
list of directions


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the surer i am that i am right
the more likely i am
to be making an ass
of myself

i know that
have proven it to myself
how many times
yet need again to call to apologize

implacable, growing hot between my long ears
should signal me that i’m at it again
but doesn’t always
and yet

how often and often
in the coolness of later
family and friends will smile-tolerantly
and tell me i speak a fine bray

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I think I’ve found a title for the series of novels I’m creating in rural southwest Missouri in the 1940’s. I’m adding more detail and recipes to NANDRIA’S WAR. Jana Good has done a very helpful edit of FLOAT and I’ve started the 3rd novel, working title PAIRING. The fourth is working its way toward reality in my head. The characters are so alive for me, each with her or his own quirks and foibles, as varied as humans tend to be. Now if only the girl who couldn’t sell her mother Girl Scout Cookies would be able to sell an agent on all this… sigh

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southern Nevada hills

neither bush nor blade on
layered silt stripes
of the long-ago inland sea bed
beige, blush rose, chalky white, raw umber
burnt ocher, ivory, quince, bleached sienna
tilted intact
upheaved to perpendicular
or left slanted hither and yon
as though flung aside
like the rumpled bedclothes
of an awakening giant

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light speed

light, hurrying along
across the universe
took years to reach
our telescope
arriving weak and faint
although purported to
be a full galaxy in itself
but i suppose going
that speed for twenty-three
million years could
tire just about anyone
mjNordgren 4/14/18
Great Basin National Park, NV