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mother human

my kids have seen me
when even i know
i am acting like a fool
they’ve calmed me from fury
curled into my arms
when i’m overwhelmed
with grief
they’ve told me to rest
when i’m bleary-eyed
and cranky, frustrated
and fearful of losing
everything – yet again
and yet, they rain flowers –
rhodies, carnations, roses,
petunias red, purple, blue,
blush ivory, forgiving white –
upon me on a day which celebrates
what i know i have have come
close to failing to deserve
my kids have raised me well

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wishful planting

hacking at dry clay
as he sat on the bank
above my driveway
my brother was able
to dig a hole
to plant the purple
dwarf rhodie
i had kept alive
in its pot
alive, but not
now i must water
every day and hope
it will survive where
so many others
have succumbed to my clay
yard drying all but to brick