MJ blathers

dark poet who loves to laugh

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rockin’ world

sea legs still stagger
from ten days at sea
blood flows warm
with caribbean welcome
memory still awed by
rain-forest overabundance


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oregon december phenomenon

lowering clouds
gray-heavy nimbus
appear to press upon
the surface of the pacific
but sunset
even in the rain
demands its golden
band of light
and rainbow is flattened
nearly hoizontal
between heaven
and liquid earth

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E ashes

he’s gone
not buried with his parents
not contained in marble urn
but scattered
among thuderous clouds
and spikes of lightning
mud puddles and
sprouts of pine and fir
a vaster part of earth now
than when he was
mine alone

gentle, gentle mist
clinging bit by tiny hint
to my arms, my hair
and eyelids
causing me to blink
caught between
warm and wet,
heaven and earth-bound
wishing for what
can never be again
longing for his arms
close around me
granting me love

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arizona’s compressed red sandstone
frazzles into sandpaper wind
but welcomes not a gush of rain
does not absorb its needed
cool moisture, but sheds it
into runoff that gathers with
other rejected trickle that stream
running headlong across the desert floor
diving, gouging, carving slot canyons
glorious in their smooth, sinuous
twists and bands of color
deep by twice or thrice the height of men
but narrow enough often for man to reach both sides
with outstretched arms
adventurers, unaware they are gambling,
lower themselves into these
slot canyons, awed into silence or quiet comment
explore under fierce blue sky
not knowing stormclouds a score of miles afar
have contributed to a gushing flood
now racing toward the low point
scoured years before along unyielding path

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sun drawing water

grandma told me
the slanted beams
were the sun
drawing water
diagonal shafts
of particle-laden light
filtered by clouds
partial bridges to the sky
and, for those carrying down
sleet, snow or rain
that were lost
before reaching earth
men have given names
named, or unnamed
bright ramps between
heaven and earth
that lift upward
my eyes and my
thirsty soul