MJ blathers

dark poet who loves to laugh

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driving by

glimpse of place
emotion wrenched
by memory of event
or person
building no longer
mere paint, wood, steel
or brick
but a part of me


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beware the surface

flakes, drops
as though two overhead clouds
were vying in the power
of the discharge
of their loads
temperature hovering
between what will
engender snow
and what inundate
with fat raindrops
plastering and spattering
on my windshield
but either
or both combined
to form the slick surface
that flipped the car
ahead of me

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world beneath

surface heaving
swelling, cresting
dissolving white air
spraying mist momentarily
capturing rainbows
we glory in the surface
while beneath, unseen, unsuspected
life teems with prey
and pain
food and fear
charading primally
life above
yet we are one
in ways
we do not even know