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beware the surface

flakes, drops
as though two overhead clouds
were vying in the power
of the discharge
of their loads
temperature hovering
between what will
engender snow
and what inundate
with fat raindrops
plastering and spattering
on my windshield
but either
or both combined
to form the slick surface
that flipped the car
ahead of me


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yesterday the sun rose

for days
snow-laden ponderosa pine
boughs were bowed
under cushions
of crystals
shaken now and again
by the landing of stellar’s jays
somber blue-gray opaque
against the white
bright curtains
falling in tiny avalanche
at the dark bird’s rising
annointing lower branches
and the drifts below
flakes lifted and sprinkled
by gusts of chill wind
this morning
the trees
again are rich
forest green
with mere patches of white
from yesterday’s brightness
and relative warmth