MJ blathers

dark poet who loves to laugh

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live theatre

the energy
from live stage
performs reconstructive
surgery upon an audience
invisible, colorless
perhaps not odorless
as sweat and greasepaint
lubricate the edge
of the scalpel
that cuts through layers
of everyday masks
to reach raw emotion
it is not whether
the actor weeps
but whether
the audience feels
his pain


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quite a day

he called to tell me
of his sister’s recent
photo session for the arts magazine
layout for the interview
for her recent improv award
and of his own first trial
appearance today, bewildered
but evidently appearing unphased
by a witness’s unexpected answer
and of the call he missed
while in court
and the second call from
a respected judge to whom
he’d applied for clerkship
thrilled, he said he’d been
i’d know from his voice
that the answer had been yes