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what i say; what i feel

be easy, child
hush, be still, i’m here
let me hold you
you don’t need to be afraid
i have you

be still, my soul
know there is more above and beyond
my weak self
pray, gentle this frightened child
as He stoops to gentle you


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i’m sure

i struggled and screeched
as they carried me to the car
“my mommy is coming
i know she is”

and she was
trudging in shin-deep sudden
snow slanting against the wind
to pick me up
from William Cullen Bryant Elementary

“It’s all right, Mary Jane
we’ll send you home with Mrs. Peterka”
they said, prying my fingers
from the edge of the car door

“It will save your mom
the terrible walk
in this weather
Go now, dear”

i cried, pounding
on the window
of the back seat
of Mrs. Peterka’s car

we pulled away
just before mom


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our hole in their road

“You can’t”
we tell kids
handing them limits
that may well not be theirs
they hear
and define themselves
by our fears

only their courage pulls them
out of narrow confines
we drew for them

may we draw courage
to frame our warnings
to give foundations
rather than holes
in the road

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Panic over Rumors [from Nandria’s World]

May 1940

Buzzing heads together in worry and the resulting anger, Boonetown’s folk clumped in fast-talking knots along the boardwalk and out onto the one paved street as far as the shack near the railroad crossing.
“Nazis are coming!” “Got all them poor boys trapped!” “At Cape Cod, isn’t it?” “Dun-somethin’, I think.” “Any word them comin’ inland from the coast yet?” “How could the Allied Commanders let them bring their Europe war over here to us?” “Again! Didn’t we lose enough in that Great War? And what did we get out of all that?””Nothing but misery, that’s for sure.” “We ain’t gonna get into this one, not if’n I hafta march on Washington my own self.”