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picture of a black hole

a picture of nothingness
of the throat
which swallows
even light
an image
of the abyss
at the center
of our galaxy
of each unit
within our universe
no wonder
we beseech God


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weary traveler

light, scurrying along eons
arrives at a focusing mirror
having taken light years
to reach us, weak and faint
although a full galaxy in itself
i suppose 23 million
could tire
just about anyone
Great Basin National Park night study 4/14/18

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light speed

light, hurrying along
across the universe
took years to reach
our telescope
arriving weak and faint
although purported to
be a full galaxy in itself
but i suppose going
that speed for twenty-three
million years could
tire just about anyone
mjNordgren 4/14/18
Great Basin National Park, NV