MJ blathers

dark poet who loves to laugh

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starved for love

for six months

she crouches in the cave

conforming her lithe body

to its nooks and angles

crowded closer and closer

by one hundred thousand eggs

pale, dangling, elongated

draped, and growing


she does not eat

but merely tends

flicking away destructive algae

sweeping moving water with her arms

to give fresh oxygen

and–as they hatch–buffeting

to help her tiny octopi offspring

break free and swim away

not looking back

at their dying mother




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ah, ego

young, slender, wide-eyed fly

overwhelmed by urges

inflates his ego,

pumps air to balloon his head

swelling and lengthening

tiny tubes which support his eyes

beyond sinus pressure headache

pumps and pumps

until his head is massive, translucent

and eyes are as far from each other

as his life is worth

to impress a mate

thus puffed up, the stalk-eyed fly


to confront another male

meeting head to head

to measure masculinity

by the width-span of their eyes

hot air results worthy of any politician

for the same prize:

the right to screw

his constituency