MJ blathers

dark poet who loves to laugh

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for once, youth puzzling
over a grandmother’s phone
as unable to fix her problem
as she had been herself
she sighs with pleasure


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stone moon eclipse

seven october of the fourteenth year
into the twenty-first century
moon full
of cheese, and self
brilliantly shimmering earth
in doubly reflected light
unreflective of its own veiling
fate soon to befall

eight october, earth’s midnight
though irrelevant to the stars
alerts men to the need to watch
the hour is come
signifying passing
of celestial ships in the night
predictable; calculated
yet dogs whimper
coyotes, jaws red, pause, uneasy

moonlight dwindles in hours
through phases of the moon
from full to brilliant sliver
face tan, then beige
darkening to faint, earthy brown
tinged ruddy like mississippi mud
lithified by eons without water
stone moon eerie
in wisp-clouded sky

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quiet, please

first, i breathe
close my eyes to let the air
flow in, and anxiousness flow out
however raggedly
funny that closed eyes can shut out
at least momentarily
the demands of a world
i cope with only fairly well
in that moment of clearing
my mind and lungs
i center somewhere near
my wellspring of joy
knowing i’ve strayed
without being aware how far
though that wells spring’s overflow
nourishes my soul
perspective, that’s what quiet gives
a gentle light that balances the dark
gives it tenderness, acceptance, compassion
be still, i am reminded
and know
that I am God

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arizona’s compressed red sandstone
frazzles into sandpaper wind
but welcomes not a gush of rain
does not absorb its needed
cool moisture, but sheds it
into runoff that gathers with
other rejected trickle that stream
running headlong across the desert floor
diving, gouging, carving slot canyons
glorious in their smooth, sinuous
twists and bands of color
deep by twice or thrice the height of men
but narrow enough often for man to reach both sides
with outstretched arms
adventurers, unaware they are gambling,
lower themselves into these
slot canyons, awed into silence or quiet comment
explore under fierce blue sky
not knowing stormclouds a score of miles afar
have contributed to a gushing flood
now racing toward the low point
scoured years before along unyielding path