MJ blathers

dark poet who loves to laugh

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pre-dawn milk sky

layered gray clouds bleached

by hidden full moon

cast snow-like

pall on sloped lawn

before rising sun can warm

the grass to pale pink-green


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mama bear’s pride

in watching paula

submit a rhymed poem

a letter to grandmother

and win first prize

our writers in the grove

nourishes belief in self

and creativity

the fruits are an every

monday joy

and then some

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wobble sunrise

in June the sun rose from between

Mt. St. Helens and Adams

now late October

dawn gleams just behind Mt. Hood

on my horizon thick with oil-paint antique gold

as our sol moves south again near year’s end

my planet visibly unsteady on its axis

if i remain alert within its timeline

                        mjNordgren  10-15-2019  N

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creek of many futures

small stream, this Taylor Creek

important as the inlet for Lake Tahoe

important also for the long, red kokanee salmon

with gray heads and pointed snouts

which lie clearly seen

through the clear, rippling water

in near perfect alignment

so they look at first like red gouges

in the mud bottom

or reflection of a pattern

from the trees

tired, perhaps, after spawning

perhaps dying in harmony

after their efforts to reach

the place that promises future

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tahoe fish paradise misstep

clear waters of lake tahoe

habitat of mosquitofish, brown trout

largemouth bass gaping up

at line and would-be fisherperson

sockeye salmon, bluegill

rainbow trout glistening

under sun-sparkled

wind-blown waves

deep blue and shelf teal water habitat

protected by glacier-carved granite

watershed rim

but, being sight-dependent predators

they do not feed on the tiny shrimp

introduced years ago as food

the shrimp abound in dark, deep waters

and rise near the surface only at night

so the fish, not seeing them

let them overgrow

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tahoe swinger

under tall jefferson pines

with aspens quivering as backdrop

grandfather huddles over toddler

bundled in parka with hood and mittens

cradling his hands over a short, plastic golf club

teaching him grip, eye and swing

or attempting so, at least

the child knows only

that grandfather cares