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walking stick

every place is within walking distance
if you have enough time
my time on earth
have i done enough?
could i have done more? done better?
of course
can i forgive myself the waste of precious sand
as my time eddies into the whirlpool leaving
the upper globe of that unyielding timer?
the grains now are so white and fine
most of the sand i have lived
has been gritty, rough, abrasive
and yet the joys!
my daughters finally connecting
to share supper last night
hugged one another in deep joy and love
knowing either would come
in the case of dificulties
what more could i ever ask?
what else do i need on this journey
i walk so humbly?
despite my own shortcomings
i am blessed to know
that the next generation – and the next
love and cherish themselves and each other


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miniature leopard

stalking, eyes east, left front paw
raised, poised to set down in haste
or deliberate, stealthy approach
graceful juvenile bobcat
dotted from beneath perky ears
to four, splayed, furry feet
and onto dark, stubbed tail
with vivid rosettes
of dark fur spots arranged
in artistic threesomes
intent on tiny prey
quick move, unexpected
then gently depressed waves
of tall grass as proof
of continuing on down our hill
on into the wild

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instinct, they say
touch a newborn’s feet to a surface and
the infant will lift one foot and
then the other
as though stepping

touch his palm and
his tiny fingers will
grasp and close
mere instinct

but when thos near-translucent
hopes for mastery of piano or guitar
stir and touch, surround your
pointer to the world’s
past betrayals
and present heartaches

when fresh, soft delicate skin
brushes callous and scar
and clings as though in trust

those vulnerable fingers melt the wrongs
and promise goodness and mercy
of a future
now in my hands